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Wide agricultural SPUNBOND

For the first time in Iran and West Asia, Khaneh Nebafete Jahan Company (Yazdelai) has produced wide SPUNBOND fabrics in agriculture. Spunbond has unique properties that are not available in other cases in agriculture because it can return the evaporation and transpiration of plants to the soil and pass air. For example, in greenhouse plastics, although evaporation and transpiration do not pass and return to the soil, because the air does not pass, it can cause the plant or its fruit to rot. As a result, it can cause damage, and the temperature must be controlled under the greenhouse plastic.

نحوه استفاده اسپان باند کشاورزی

The use of UV materials in agricultural spunbond of Yazdelaie company

The use of UV materials in producing this product also increases the lifespan of agricultural spunbond. The percentage of use of UV materials can increase the lifespan of agricultural spun-bonds from 2 months in normal conditions to 4 months to one year. The increase in the life span of agricultural spanband has a direct relationship with the amount of UV consumables, which can naturally reduce the cost according to the number of times of use created by increasing its life.

The only manufacturer of 7 meters wide agricultural SPUNBOND in West Asia


Khaneh Nebafete Jahan’s company with the Yazd Lai brand has worked in non-woven fabrics for many years. Using the best domestic engineers, this company has been able to design and build machines in this field; the machine made by Khaneh Nebafete Jahan in agriculture can produce 7-meter-wide SPUNBOND fabrics (and less than that). This ability has made this fabric very effective for extensive agricultural lands.

The research and development department of Khaneh Nebafete Jahan Company with the Yazd Lai brand produced a fabric with a width of 7 meters and less than that for the first time. Before that, spunbond fabric was produced up to a width of 4 meters and 20 cm in the West Asia region. Also, in the world, spun-bond fabric up to a width of 5 meters and 20 cm was produced, and for the first time, spun-bond fabric with a width of 7 and 20 cm and less than that was made in Yazd Lai Company. This vast and tremendous success was the first time It took place in the year 1402 AH or 2023 AD, and this article is a memorial document for this production.

You can see the benefits of using agricultural SPUNBOND in practice in the following video: