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The vacuum cleaner envelope is one of the internal parts of the vacuum cleaner that acts like a compartment and everything that is sucked by the vacuum cleaner is placed in it. The vacuum cleaner envelope, which is also called a vacuum cleaner bag, is produced separately like any other part of this device.

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Comprehensive information about the vacuum cleaner envelope

Today, using electrical appliances for cleaning and cleaning homes has become widespread. Vacuum cleaners always need a container to collect dust and household dirt. Therefore, the built-in compartments for this device are called vacuum cleaner envelopes.

Due to the high importance of the vacuum cleaner tank, many companies have been established in its production. Some manufacturing companies have tried to create more innovative sales methods to attract people. The market of these products has been accompanied by intense competition in recent years, so many successful companies are in this field.

انواع پاکت جاروبرقی

Types of vacuum cleaner envelopes

One of the issues that you can check to make a much better purchase is knowing the types of vacuum cleaner envelopes. In general, vacuum cleaner envelopes are divided into permanent and disposable categories.

In the category of permanent envelopes, we do not see the satisfaction of the people of our country. This is because these envelopes must be emptied after each sweep. Opening the envelope in these vacuum cleaners is not easy either. In addition, this model of envelopes can reduce the vacuum cleaner’s suction power over time.

But in the category of disposable vacuum cleaner envelopes, we see the production of newer and more scientific products day by day. Note that we also see more spaces for envelopes in the latest products offered by reputable companies. Also, these products have much better materials, and a part called filtration has been installed for each. Filtration has the task of filtering the dirt you want. In the following, we will discuss the types of filters.

Hepa envelope

The word HEPA stands for high-efficiency particulate air. This model of envelopes, the HEPA envelope, is a type of envelope that can also trap small air particles. This envelope has significant power, and this issue significantly impacts its popularity. Note that if you suffer from allergies and your family members also have allergies, it is recommended to use this envelope. Because this envelope can collect all small particles, including dandruff, dust, etc

P-type vacuum cleaner envelope

The p series of vacuum cleaner envelopes is widely used because this series of envelopes is present in the majority of vacuum cleaners and has many types. Among the unique features of this model of the vacuum cleaner envelope are its ample space, the anti-allergy of this product, the existence of 5 layers for its production, the ability to absorb dust, and tear resistance. Typically, these envelopes can be used for two weeks.


Type g vacuum cleaner envelopes

First of all, this vacuum cleaner envelope model is original. That is, the type g envelope means the original envelope, which significantly impacts how your vacuum cleaner works. Using original envelopes for vacuum cleaners will dramatically increase your device’s lifespan. In addition to this, you can see much better cleanliness by using these envelopes.

What are the differences between a permanent and a disposable envelope?

One of the main differences between envelopes is the material of these products: disposable envelopes made of paper, polymer, and fabric. You can throw these products away after using these envelopes. But in permanent envelopes, you must remove the envelope, wash it, and put it back in the vacuum cleaner.

One of the other differences between these two envelopes is the number of layers used to produce them. Note that only disposable envelopes have different types, such as multi-layers. Remember that if you use a disposable vacuum cleaner envelope, you have to allow for the possibility of the envelope being torn. If the envelope is pulled, the garbage in the envelope enters the vacuum cleaner engine and causes a heavy cost.

Also, over time, the permanent vacuum bag can introduce quite a lot of dirt into your vacuum cleaner motor. However, disposable envelopes can only do minor damage to your device.

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What envelope should we use for our vacuum cleaner?

One of the frequent questions many people in our country ask is what kind of vacuum cleaner to use. Many researchers, with their research on envelopes, think using an antibacterial envelope is very appropriate. Antibacterial envelopes prevent the smallest possible particles from entering homes. In addition, these envelopes are very successful for people with allergies and will help you get rid of your allergies.

But in addition to this envelope, some people are not fans of polymer or paper envelopes, and the reason for this is the destruction of the environment. We have also thought of a solution for these people, and you can use a cloth envelope instead of an antibacterial one. In a cloth envelope, the environment is no longer destroyed. Also, note that the type of spun-bond of these envelopes is a very suitable option.

Things to consider when buying

You may have chosen your type of vacuum cleaner bag to buy with the explanations given above. It is essential to pay attention to these items when purchasing.

Disposable bags are made in all kinds of layers and are available in the market. Are also produced. So, when buying, be sure to ask the seller about the layers of the bag or read the envelope packaging. Bags higher than three layers are more resistant and better, increasing the machine’s engine because it is an obstacle to dust penetration into the vacuum cleaner motor.

Some manufacturers have made various types of vacuum cleaner bags in antibacterial models using technology, and they are very suitable for those who suffer from specific allergies.

The model and dimensions of the vacuum cleaner bag should be appropriate to the model of the vacuum cleaner, and be sure to tell the seller your vacuum cleaner model.

You must know that when the vacuum cleaner bag is full or made of a thin layer, it scatters dust in the chamber; this reduces the power of the vacuum cleaner motor. Reducing the engine’s power equals reducing the suction power of garbage and dust and eventually causes the vacuum cleaner to burn. Also, a vacuum cleaner scatters particles and dust from the surface of the air because they have weak absorption power. So be very careful in choosing the best type of vacuum cleaner envelope.

The best type of vacuum cleaner envelope

We said the vacuum cleaner envelope comprises three polymer types: fabric and paper. But if we want to make disposable or permanent vacuum cleaner bags, which is the best material?

The best envelope type is the antibacterial type that will prevent dust from spreading to the environment. The non-emission of dust is vital for those who suffer from environmental sensitivities and allergies, and this option is much more suitable for them.

The fabric of permanent bags is made in several layers, preventing dust from entering the chamber and the sweeper motor. Of course, antibacterial material is also produced in disposable bags. Still, cloth bags, which are very popular among environmentalists and those who care about the device’s longevity, are essential to thoroughly understand the type of material and its features. The suggestion of the research team to all those who want a first-class vacuum cleaner bag is spun-bond fabric bags. There is much to be said about this fabric, which we will discuss further.

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Features of spunband vacuum cleaner envelope

As mentioned, this envelope model is one of the best in Iranian markets, and it does not harm the environment. In addition to this, this model of envelopes is also known as the world’s top envelopes. This means that these products have global credibility, and the majority of people in the world use them. Also, this product is made of propylene, also called a non-woven envelope.

In addition to all the points mentioned, the possibility of tearing this vacuum cleaner envelope is very low, which guarantees your vacuum cleaner. Keep in mind that in addition to all the advantages of this product, using this envelope will not cause any damage to your broom. This means these envelopes do not introduce pollution to your vacuum cleaner.


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The price of a vacuum cleaner envelope

One of the most critical issues related to the vacuum cleaner envelope is the price of this product. Note that today, there is no specific price for this product. In this way, you should contact the sales experts of each manufacturing company to know the exact price. Also, pay attention to this issue so that you ask for the price from several companies. This will guarantee your purchase price.

Manufacturer and wholesaler of vacuum cleaner bags

Many companies have been established in the field of vacuum cleaner envelope production with the collective goal of the people of Iran to support Iranian goods. These companies always have a certain reputation and are very popular.

Yazd Laie is one of the top vacuum cleaner bag sellers in Iran. With its long history, this company has gained tremendous popularity among the people of Iran. Note that Yazdelai company is the leading producer of all kinds of envelopes.


The prices offered by Yazd laie are known as the best in the market.کاتالوگ پاکت جاروبرقی

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