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یزد لایی


Yazd Laie masks are produced in the most standard form possible.
For example, in Yazd Lai, according to the instructions of the Food and Drug Organization of the country regarding three-layer masks, this type of mask is produced in two ways: the first type is composed of two layers of span and one layer of Mellat Balun, and in The second type is composed of three layers of spun composite fabric and blown metal (ssmms).

During the coronavirus epidemic, using three-layer sanitary masks became prevalent, and everyone was involved in a situation requiring quality masks.

The mask protects people from viruses and environmental pollutants and reduces the risk of contracting various diseases. Each breathing mask has different features that affect its price.


The use of three-layer masks

Three-layer masks are widely used by ordinary people in society and by medical staff. The main uses of the three-layer mask are:

Preventing the transmission of viral diseases
Hospital surgery room
All kinds of medical centers and hospitals

Types of masks

As mentioned, breathing masks are produced in several different models, each used for specific purposes.

Breathing mask

The most widely used type of mask is the breathing mask, which we are all familiar with. This mask reduces the risk of contamination entering the body and helps maintain the community’s health. If you wake up one day and realize that the air in your city is polluted today, you can prevent polluted air from entering your respiratory system by using a breathing mask.

These masks cannot guarantee 100% that no contamination will enter the body, but they can only reduce the risk to a great extent.

Medical mask

Doctors and nurses use medical masks to work in medical centers, which are usually disposable and thrown away after the operation. Since it is possible to exchange bacteria and viruses, using a medical mask can reduce the risk.

Filtered mask

One of the types of breathing masks is the filter mask, which shows more resistance against pollution. The valve placed on the mask filters the air and allows it to enter the person’s body. This mask can be used for up to 8 hours, after which it is better to use a new mask.

cloth mask

Another type of mask is produced, known as a fabric mask. During the Corona era, it was recommended to use simple breathing masks instead of fabric masks.

For better effectiveness, you should make sure that the cloth mask purchased has an absorbent inner layer, a middle layer of polypropylene, and an outer layer of polyester; Otherwise, it cannot protect the body well against viruses. If you use a cloth mask, it is necessary to wash it every day with warm water and soap to remove the dirt on the mask.

In addition, you should be careful not to touch your mask in the outside environment and ensure no tears on the mask.

Essential tips about using a mask

Masks cannot be washed.

Some people wash and reuse the mask, which is not hygienic. The useful life of the mask is one day, and after one day, you have to replace it with a new mask. Getting the mask wet will cause changes in their texture, thereby increasing the possibility of viruses or germs entering the body.

Do not leave your mask in public places

Please do not leave the mask you used on the corner of the street or city because it can infect other people with a viral disease.

Do not use other people’s masks

Don’t fool yourself by thinking the other person is healthy and has only used that mask for a few minutes. It would help if you never used other people’s masks.

کاتالوگ ماسک

مدل‌های مختلف ماسک‌های یزد لایی

The performance of Yazdlai masks against the virus:

According to the official website of the Medical Equipment Administration of the country, only three-layer medical masks, FFP1 masks, and N95 masks can fight the virus.
According to this announcement, three-layer masks have the highest level of protection against the virus and can resist up to 95% of the virus. Also, this mask protects humans against bacteria, dust, and fine particles up to 80%.


There are two types of packaging in Yazdlaie collection, depending on the customer’s taste:

First model: In this type, it is in the form of a vacuum and cartons of 100 and 500.

Second model: In this type, packaging is done in the form of 50 sanitary cartons.
Of course, rotation, these cartons are placed inside the mother for easier transportation cartons.

The amount of virus purification of all types of masks

میزان محافظت انواع ماسک‌ها