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Promotional handbags include different types, including paper, cloth, and plastic bags, which are harmful to the environment in the paper type due to the lack of reuse, apart from being not economical. With the most equipped ultrasonic sewing production line, Yazd Lai Group can produce all kinds of fabric bags of different sizes. The spunbond fabrics used in these sacks are the highest quality spunbond fabrics in the country, prepared and used in various weights according to the customer’s order.

شماره تماس‌های یزد لایی

لیست قیمت ساک دستی تبلیغاتی (زمستان ۱۴۰۲)

لیست قیمت ساک دستی

Comparison between different types of handbags:

It is better to compare other types of promotional handbags before doing so, considering that we will compare fabric handbags with different types in this article. First, check this type of handbag and compare the kinds of fabric bag shops.

Fabric bag shops differ in the type of fabric and production method. As a result, we can decide by considering the type of fabric in terms of its durability, shape, color, and beauty, and we can also compare them economically with the production method and the cost of raw materials.

Non-woven fabrics are cheaper because their production method is faster and more accessible, and sometimes, the finished price is one-fourth and one-eighth of woven fabrics. For this reason, the cost of non-woven fabrics in producing handmade bags is lower than that of this type of fabric.

In terms of beauty and design, considering that different colors can be used uniformly in non-woven fabrics and even various prints can be made on them, for this reason, they are not inferior to woven fabrics in terms of beauty, so in general, in this From the comparison, it can be concluded that non-woven fabrics are much more advantageous than woven fabrics for the production of advertising bag shops, economically and aesthetically. Regarding non-woven fabrics, spunbond fabric is used more to produce advertising handbags. Spunbond, made of polypropylene or PP, is abundantly found in Iran.

The production method of spunbond is direct, and by melting these materials, they become nonwoven fabrics. By mixing these materials with various colored masterbatches, they can be easily converted into colored spunbonds; the cost of producing this type of nonwoven fabric is also cheaper in all categories of nonwoven fabrics, so spunbond can be used as the best option for the production of promotional handbags.

Therefore, considering that these raw materials for the production of spunbond are easily available and cheap, and considering that they are offered in the Iranian commodity exchange and there is no need to import them, the price changes with components such as supply and demand, and it can be based on affect the price of spunbond, so that in hot months due to less use of fossil energy, these materials become cheaper due to the temperature. Accordingly, the cost of spunbond also decreases.

Because it is easily available, and in recent years, the number of factories producing spunbond has increased due to the coronavirus disease, this fabric is much more available and cheaper than ever.

Well, naturally, this comparison and the availability and cheapness of this type of fabric make promotional handbags and store bags produced from these materials and from this spunbond fabric unrivaled in the market. So, the best fabric bag shop or promotional handbags are the promotional handmade fabric produced with spunbond.

That means promotional handbags produced with non-woven fabrics, the top of which is spunbond, are the best fabric handbags to win this competition compared to other fabric handbags.

Now the comparison between cloth shop bags, which we actually choose the best, which are bags made of non-woven fabrics, the best of which is spunbond, we choose as cloth promotional handbags and compare it with other types of shop bags, first of all, handbags. We compare the promotional spunband with a paper or similar promotional handbag, and then we compare the promotional handbag made of plastic.

Comparison between Paper Bags and Fabric Bags:

Handbags that are made of paper considering that are made of paper, and it is thought that their final price is low due to this consideration. Still, it is not like this, and considering its production method done by hand, its final price is high. Comes so that the cost of producing a handbag or paper bag shop is sometimes equal to the full cost of a fabric bag shop of the same size.

Now, the resistance of this type of paper bag shop is also a criterion, and for this reason, they avoid using it in most stores; perhaps one of the best and superior features of this type of paper handbag is to store food inside it in a better way due to the air permeability, which of course This problem has been solved in some fabric handbags that are made of non-woven fabrics.

Comparison between plastic shopping bags and Spunbond Bags:

The most important criterion for comparing promotional handbags is their durability. Over time, it is determined which promotional handbag, which is especially a priority for advertising, can be introduced as the best promotional handbag. It is enough that we consider the cost of advertising in Let’s Compare per/day.

This criterion can show us practically all the handbags that are used especially for advertising so that we can choose the best among them. In the case of plastic, due to its environmental damage, there can be a big problem with plastic prints or the same. He took plastic handbags, which became unusable in a short period. For example, if the best plastic advertising handbag is considered, your opinion can be your house guest for a few days.

In our investigation and the question of the company of the world, Yazd Lai, we have realized that in the best case, 10 days can be considered for the optimal use of promotional plastic bags. This is because promotional handbags made of spunbond non-woven fabrics show that this type of promotional handbags can withstand more than 100 days, so sometimes they have kept this type of promotional handbags for several years and, due to Repetition and customer fatigue, have not used it.

When writing this article, if the raw materials of plastic are taken directly from petrochemicals and produced with first-class materials, the first-class promotional handbags that are directly used from petrochemical materials are 75,000 Tomans per kilo. At the same time, promotional bags are produced with spunbond, and its raw material is polypropylene; as mentioned, it costs 100,000 Tomans per kilo. Now, according to the time used for plastic and non-woven advertising handouts, the price can be compared to the consumer per day.

If you divide 75,000 Tomans into 10 days for promotional plastic bags, you will have spent 7,500 Tomans per day on advertising expenses. Still, if you use non-woven spunbond fabric bags, you will pay 75,000 Tomans per day according to the price per kilo. One hundred thousand Tomans and dividing it into 100 days, you have used the amount of 1000 Tomans as advertising expenses.

Plastic promotional handbags cost you seven and a half times more than fabric handbags, and naturally, promotional handbags made of spunbond non-woven fabrics are much cheaper for you. However, promotional handbags made of spunbond non-woven fabrics are much more affordable. The band feels watered down for the more expensive consumer.

Naturally, when plastic returns to nature in a maximum of 10 days, it causes much more environmental damage. Here, the discussion is economic and ecological, and these two points are enough for you to switch from fabric handbags made of spunbonds to plastic bags. I prefer plastic.

A promotional bag is an opportunity to be seen

With a promotional handbag, you can be seen anywhere and be recognized by customers. If you remember the past years, you remember the paper envelopes or waste newspapers business owners used to deliver their products.

With a promotional handbag, you can be seen anywhere and be recognized by customers. If you remember the past years, you remember the paper envelopes or waste newspapers business owners used to deliver their products.

Comparison of paper handbags with fabric advertising handbags:
Backs shops are made of paper, and considering that they are made of paper, it is thought that the final price is low. However, it is not like this, and due to the method of production, which is done by hand, the final price is high.

The cost of producing a handbag or paper bag shop is sometimes equal to the full cost of a fabric bag shop of the same size. Now, the resistance of this type of paper shop bag is also a criterion, so they avoid using it in most stores. One of the best and superior features of this type of handbag is the ability to store food inside it in a better way due to air permeability, which, of course, has been solved in some fabric bag shops that are made of non-woven fabrics.

The reason for the obsolete use of paper envelopes is divided into several categories. But the most important of them is the increase in the price of paper and the supply of plastic envelopes. Plastic envelopes that have a low cost while having a high variety. But these envelopes also have disadvantages. These envelopes contain micro-particles that are separated from them and remain suspended in the air. Therefore, they pollute the environment and threaten human health.

ساک تبلیغاتی کفش کتونی

In recent years, many ideas have emerged to eliminate plastic bags, and various companies have invested in some. Still, many of them were only theoretical, and in practice, it is impossible to use them. For example, using paper bags is not a good idea Because the high price of paper and the problems of its production and recycling prevent us from returning to the sweet tradition of the past. Still, some ideas were pure and received special attention from different investors.

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ساک تبلیغاتی مادر خوب

As a business owner, you give your customer a cloth envelope or advertising bag and present the goods purchased by him in those envelopes. That customer leaves your shop and moves around the city. It’s great to watch your ads move around town. Your customer then goes home and takes the purchased items out of the envelope. But did he throw that envelope out, or did he keep it because of its great beauty and functionality?

Every lady with good taste avoids throwing away such a valuable item. She keeps it for her next purchases, so you can be sure that even if customers don’t buy your products, they will still be seen holding your promotional bag. And they will help you promote your business for free.

Therefore, it is very valuable that you, as a business owner, have a broad view of the issue of advertising and providing customer service; in addition to satisfying them and providing valuable services, you can also get help from them to promote your business and they They are also willing to do this. This is one of the few win-win deals that you, as a business owner, can have with your customer and enjoy reaping its fruits shortly.

Of course, by doing this, you have also taken an effective step towards the development of culture, and you will also be known as an environmental supporter, which in turn is considered a great blessing. While you didn’t bother or spend extra money to do it, you just provided the same services you do every day in a new way.

Buying promotional bags is a profitable investment

As a business owner, you should not call the amount paid an expense when purchasing a promotional bag. Rather, it should be mentioned as a profitable investment, guaranteeing the future of work and providing customer satisfaction. You can even cooperate with environmentalists, and by inviting people to use these bags, you can introduce your business and help protect the environment. A promotional handbag makes your business look special. We suggest you try this method only once to see the effects mentioned.

However, abandoning the common methods and past ideas and using modern and luxurious methods is difficult and requires courage and boldness. However, leaving the lifeless plastic envelopes and using stylish and environmentally friendly promotional bags is better. In this way, our collection will be your friend and companion. In this way, he has comprehensively examined your business and your needs to reduce your worries. In our collection, we guarantee that we will develop your business and plan for the future of your products. In addition, we will prioritize the economic efficiency of your loved ones. So, to taste the sweetness of the miracle of these sakes, use our promotional hand-made sake service only once.

رنگ های مختلف ساک تبلیغاتی

If you want to order a promotional bag, visit our website at https://yazdlaie.ir/bag/ and learn about all the services in this field. Saving time and money is completely evident when placing an order on our website. At the same time, our experts and consultants are ready to answer you, dear ones, by telephone. The preparation of the products starts immediately after placing the order and will be available to you as soon as possible. Therefore, the order sent to you has the characteristics of fast delivery, high quality, and low cost.

Promotional handbag price

The cost of producing and selling this product is very low. The cost of purchasing the material of this product, such as fabric, paper, canvas, etc., and the cost of printing the production company’s logo is very low. In general, this bag is considered a cheap product.

To order this product, you can visit its production centers in person and order it in the requested quantity.

You can also choose the type of promotional bag you want in person. Send the number and type of logo you want to the operator and register your order. Graphic designers design the logo of a particular company. After the design, it must be approved by the company’s expert. A logo is a design and shape that represents a specific brand. The identity of an organization or any business is seen in the form of a logo.

کاتالوگ ساک دستی تبلیغاتی


In this article, we have noticed that non-woven fabrics are the best option among promotional handbags made of cloth. Comparing this best option with other types of promotional handbags, we have noticed that in terms of economy and environment, promotional handbags from Spunbond non-woven fabrics are the best option for shopping and advertising.

Khaneh Nebafete Jahan company with Yazd Lai brand has chosen its organizational slogan with this in mind:

One for ten days, one forever

With the help of God Almighty, this company is the only manufacturer of promotional handbags in Yazd province, and also with this regard, it is the first producer of promotional bags in a sustainable manner and relation to the complete production line in this regard in the center of the country and Yazd province.

One for ten days, one forever is the correct slogan we hope you will remember and choose forever, not for 10 days.

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