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Introduction of spanless

لایه اسپان لس

What is spanless, and what are its characteristics? What is its most important application in industries? When buying this product, is it necessary to prioritize some points? In the following, I will provide helpful information about this product and general dos and don’ts in buying it; stay with us.

Spunless is mainly used to manufacture wet wipes due to its unique features. These products have different types and are produced by other companies with other standards. our,being are priorities

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The supply companies design Span Less pure or combined with other materials; therefore, in purchasing this product, it is necessary to prioritize certain dos and don’ts to choose the right product. To buy this product, be sure to target reputable centers so that you can be sure of its effectiveness and authenticity. Any negligence can cause a lot of trouble and waste the money spent on the purchase. Spunlace is a type of non-woven fabric. This type of fabric is a new generation of modern and eco-friendly textiles that are less difficult to use.

Features of span less

The unique features of Spanless have increased its efficiency to a great extent. Since it has more tensile strength, it will not tear easily, making us use it confidently. The following are the most critical features of this product:

High water absorption
High flexibility
High resistance, especially in longitudinal and transverse stretching
High weight variation
High color variety
Without causing sensitivity
Wide applications in the industry
Wide applications in medicine

Its widespread use in various industries has caused an increase in its production. Today, different domestic and foreign companies produce this product with excellent quality. Of course, the profiteers are not left behind, and by creating low-quality spun lace, they are trying to sell it at a lower price. Disposable napkins and towels are mainly produced from these types of fabrics. The raw materials used to make and create this product can be cotton, polyester, polypropylene, yambo, etc.

The higher the quality of the material used to make it, the higher the cost of buying it. For example, although the product made with cotton has many desirable features, it also has a higher suggested price.

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The difference between span band and spanless

Spunless is very different from spun-bond, and these two fabrics should not be considered the same. The other features in each of these textiles have also controlled their efficiency. Spunbond is usually three-layer or four-layer, and polypropylene is mainly used to make it. This type of textile has a lot of use and efficiency, while this product has a towel shape and has a higher absorption rate.

We can use its benefits and efficiency whenever we need to absorb more. We cannot use these fabrics interchangeably due to their different properties and performance.

قیمت اسپان لس

Buying all kinds of Span Less

We have enabled you to buy Spanless online; the products in our sales list can be shipped worldwide. The online purchase guide for this product is included; if you need more information, you can contact us through the numbers and communication methods available. Complete information will be provided to you. The following are the most important advantages of buying span less from us:

quality guarantee
The price is right
Immediate delivery
online shopping

Price list of May 2024 Yazdlaie products

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Free consultation of your trust is our capital. To buy bulk span less, you can benefit from the free consultation provided. We have considered good discounts for bulk purchases. For bulk purchases, you can choose retail purchase first; if you are sure of its quality, you can quickly complete your order registration. Once completed, you can receive it in the shortest possible time. Online shopping has many advantages, that’s why it has attracted a lot of attention. You can quickly complete your order with a few clicks.

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Product costs

The price of spun lace depends on various factors. The companies producing this type of products offer different prices for the purchase according to the standard and quality they consider. To know the price of span less, you can contact us or refer to the sales section of this product on our website. The factors influencing the price of this product include the following:


To provide customer-friendly services, we offer a reasonable price to purchase Spanless. Complete information about the specifications will be provided to you. Note that the price of this type of product is a certain amount; that’s why if you are offered a much lower cost to buy Spanless, then you should be suspicious of its quality and originality.

Wet wipes made from these products will not only not be used but can cause many problems. You will buy this excellent quality product at a reasonable price with us.

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last word

To buy spun lace, be sure to target reputable centers. A reputable company or supplier will always maintain its reputation by selling low-quality spandex. This is especially important for large purchases that cost more. As one of the companies selling different types of high-quality textiles, we have been your priority. Shop with us with confidence.

If you need more explanations, you can use our free consultation. The experts of our sales department are compassionate in the selection and quality of the products of the sales department, that is why we have been able to achieve your complete satisfaction by selling high-quality products for all these years.

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