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درباره یزد لایی | About YAZD LAIE

As the first hyper nonwoven in the world, Yazd Laie is a supplier of all kinds of spunbond, thermobonding, adhesive layer, Thermo fuse, ballon, spun lace, and filler fibers.

Also, since 2018, Yazd Laie Group has prioritized the quality and completion of the supply chain in the four fields of industrial, sanitary, agricultural, and machine-building nonwoven finishing lines. In line with its organizational vision, it has provided a full range of products in this field.

We have provided products such as advertising handbags, branded handbags, clothing covers, disposable backpacks, and vacuum cleaner envelopes in the industrial field.
In the health sector, we have provided products such as disposable towels, masks, bed sheets, and baby mats.
For the first time in West Asia, we have produced the widest agricultural Spunbond, up to 7.3 meters wide.
With the help of Almighty God, in the years 1400-1400, we built the most up-to-date disposable towel machines and ultrasonic sewing machines in non-woven finishing machines.
Undoubtedly, to realize the vision of the largest hyper non-woven company in West Asia and then globally with global credit shortly.
In this regard, one of the most important points for Yazd Laie company is to respect the customer, who is undoubtedly the god of our business.

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