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You can contact Yazd Laie company in the following ways. Our experts will always answer you.

Yazd Industrial Town, Golha Square, 24-meter 11th Pine Blvd., Baharestan 10, 5th company on the left side of the blue door

Postal code: 8947183417

Every day from 7:30 to 15:30

📭Mail: Yazdlaie.co@gmail.com
Office contact number: +98-03537300003
Factory contact number: +98-03537272590

Contact number for sales of non-woven fabrics:
WhatsApp and ETA: +98-09135768461

📞 contact number for sales of final non-woven products:
WhatsApp and ETA: +98-+98-09135838332 and +98-09135838337

Accounting: +98-03537274218
Internal management and human resources: +98-03537303839
📞Whatsapp and IT factory: +98-09135859590