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Disposable baby mat (child protector)

Radman baby mattress:

This underlay, which is one of the most practical disposable underlays for children, was designed and produced for the first time in 1402 at Khaneh Nebafete Jahan Company.

Specifications of a disposable baby diaper (Radman model):

This underlay is produced in the size of 40 x 40 cm and has two layers, one layer is made of non-woven fabric that absorbs water and is made of natural fibers , and the other layer is sanitary grade plastic, which makes this underlay become An impenetrable substrate.

The purpose of producing Radman model undersize:

The most important goal that has been explained in the production of the Radman model underlay for use is to focus on its one-time use, that is why the size of this underlay is a so-called compact size. Also, to reduce the child’s expenses, this disposable underlay is considered the cheapest underlay for children in Iran.