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Yazdelai company has been able to produce Talaqdar spunbond for the first time in the world. Yazd Laie Company has the ability to produce Binding cover spunbaond up to 2.5 meters wide. which can create a revolution in the cover and hand bag industry.
The main concern of the manufacturers of hand bags and covers is the correct connection of Binding cover spunbaond and cellophane to the spunbond fabric, which sometimes they abandon its production due to the difficulty of this task.

Hand bag and Binding cover spunbaond ingredients: Binding cover spunbaond ingredients are made of polypropylene. Spunbond and transparent cellophane are connected by ultrasonic welding. The grammage of cellophane and spunbond used in the production of Binding cover spunbaond can be adjusted according to the customer’s order. Usually, the spun band rolls are 1000 meters long, but the length of the rolls can be adjusted according to the customer’s needs.

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