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Shopping bags include different types, including paper and cloth bags, which are harmful to the environment due to the lack of reuse, apart from being economical. Yazd Lai collection, which has the most equipped ultrasonic sewing production line, can produce all kinds of fabric bags of different dimensions. The spunbond fabrics used in these sacks are the highest quality spunbond fabrics in the country, prepared and used in various weights according to the customer’s order.

This collection, with a very good production capacity in handbag production, is the only producer of this product in the center of our beloved country, Iran.

شماره تماس‌های یزد لایی

A shopping bag is an opportunity to be seen

First of all, shopping bags allow you to be seen anywhere and recognized by customers. If you remember the past years, you definitely remember the paper envelopes or waste newspapers that business owners used to deliver their products. Although only a few businesses, such as greengrocers, use waste newspapers today, this method was very common in the past.

The reason for the obsolete use of paper envelopes is divided into several categories. But the most important of them is the increase in the price of paper and the supply of plastic envelopes. Plastic envelopes that have a low cost while having a high variety. But these envelopes also have disadvantages. These envelopes contain micro-particles that are separated from them and remain suspended in the air. Therefore, they pollute the environment and threaten human health. Microplastics can easily enter human lungs by breathing.

However, the human body cannot decompose these particles, and as a result, they accumulate in the lungs. Then, with time, they will cause various diseases, including cancer. On the other hand, microplastics can also infect fish and aquatic organisms and threaten their health. Further, if humans use them, human health will be threatened again.

ساک تبلیغاتی یزد لایی

Gradually, and with time, we learned about more recent plastic problems and realized how dangerous their use can be for the planet. Therefore, now is the time to return to our previous traditions or create a new formality so that we can save the health and lives of our children and the planet, which is the home of all of us humans, and ensure the continuity of the human race.

In recent years, many ideas have emerged to eliminate plastic bags, and various companies have invested in some. Still, many of them were only theoretical and not practical in practice. For example, using paper bags is not a good idea. Because the high price of paper and the problems of its production and recycling prevent us from returning to the sweet tradition of the past, some ideas were very pure and received special attention from different investors.

What are shopping bags

The advertising bag, which is very popular today, is a tool for product packaging and advertising. In addition to these things, this sack can be called an advertising billboard with many environmental benefits. Therefore, this product can be considered comprehensively, nature-friendly, and in line with the slogan “No to plastic.” This powerful tool is also known as a global business and product introduction shopping bag. Although it has various dimensions and designs, it will be responsible for covering and packaging the products in general. In the meantime, fabric promotional bags are considered to be the most popular and common type. Therefore, in this article, we will introduce different types of advertising bags.

The customers’ taste determines the shape, material, and logo printed on the promotional bag. Its quality is also influenced by logo design, strap design, pocket design, bag material, etc.

Checking the types of Shopping bags

There are different types of promotional bags. The variety of these products allows the customer to choose exactly what he wants.

Promotional bags vary in material, thickness, color, logo, strap design, and whether they are matte or shiny. Read the text below to learn about the types of this efficient product.

Percy Bags

This bag’s price is very reasonable, and its material is fabric. This type of promotional bag has different circulations. The press bag is produced in two vertical and horizontal forms.

Needle bags

The needle bag is also divided into different categories. Its other dimensions and affordable price make this product popular.

The needle bag is light in weight and, despite being roomy, occupies a very small volume. The high shelf life of this type of advertising bag greatly increases the use and sale of this product.

Tarpaulin Bags

This type of bag is also divided into horizontal and vertical types. Like all types of promotional bags, the canvas bag has different colors.

A canvas sack is very practical; It is even used as an envelope in which gifts are placed. One of the good features of canvas sacks is their high resistance.


This type of promotional sack is like other types. The difference is that it has a pocket, which is why it’s a quality promotional bag.

Paper Bags

The paper bag has both an advertising and a gift aspect. Considering the many and varied designs printed on it, it can be confidently stated that it is the most popular type of advertising bag.

One of the advantages of a paper bag is its degradability. In addition to being in sync with the environment, paper bags are also nature-friendly.

The quality of the logo printed on the paper bag is better than that on other types of promotional bags. Printing on paper is far better than printing on fabric and other materials.

Paper bags are generally not used to carry food and heavy objects. This is because paper is fragile and breaks with little pressure.

An idea at the level of a leading industry

One of these great ideas was fabric bags. With very low prices and high quality, these bags were not only dangerous for humans and the environment, but they also helped to remove pollution from the environment because some manufacturers made them from recycled materials, which is an effective step towards eliminating pollution from the atmosphere. The fibers used in advertising sacks are of different types, from polyester to fabric, depending on the type of use.
Using a promotional bag has many benefits for the producer and the consumer. As a person who orders one of these advertising bags, you can have the chance to be advertised by people wherever they go and be seen and known more by people in the community.

تولید انواع ساک تبلیغاتی

As a business owner, you give your customer a fabric envelope or promotional bag and present the items purchased by him in those envelopes. That customer leaves your shop and moves around the city; it’s great to watch your ad move around town. Your customer then goes home and takes the purchased items out of the envelope. But did he throw that envelope out, or did he keep it because of its great beauty and performance?
Every lady with taste will avoid throwing away such a valuable item and keep it for her next purchases, so you can be sure that even if customers don’t buy your items, they will still have them in their hands. Your promotional bags will continue to help your business be seen and promoted at no cost.
Therefore, it is very valuable that you, as a business owner with a broad view of advertising and customer service, can not only satisfy them and provide useful services but also help them promote your business. Take it, and they will gladly do it. This is one of the few win-win deals that you, as a business owner, can have with your customers and enjoy reaping its fruits in the near future.

Of course, by doing this, you have taken an effective step towards the development of culture. You will also be known as an environmental supporter, which in turn is considered a great blessing. While you didn’t bother or spend extra money to do it, you just provided the same services you do every day in a new way.

Buying Shopping bags is a profitable investment

As a business owner, you should not call the amount paid an expense when purchasing a promotional bag. Rather, it should be mentioned as a profitable investment, guaranteeing the future of work and providing customer satisfaction. You can even cooperate with environmentalists, and by inviting people to use these bags, you can introduce your business and help protect the environment. By doing this, you steal the ball ahead of the competition. Because the promotional bag makes you and your company look special, we suggest you try this method only once to see the effects mentioned.

However, abandoning the common methods and past ideas and using modern and luxurious methods is difficult and requires courage and boldness. However, leaving lifeless plastic envelopes and using stylish and environmentally friendly promotional bags is better. In this way, our collection will be your friend and companion. In this way, he comprehensively examines your business and your needs to reduce your worries. In our collection, we guarantee that we will develop your business and plan for the future of your products. In addition, we will prioritize the economic efficiency of your loved ones. So, to taste the miracle sweetness of these sakes, use our promotional sake service only once.

ساک تبلیغاتی در رنگ ها مدل های مختلف

If you are interested in placing an order for a promotional bag, visit our website at https://yazdlaie.ir/bag/ and learn about all the services in this field. Saving time and money is completely evident when placing an order on our website. At the same time, our experts and consultants are ready to answer you, dear ones, by telephone. This way, you will be helped and guided in making the best decision. The preparation of the products starts immediately after placing the order and will be available to you as soon as possible. Therefore, the order sent to you has the characteristics of fast delivery, high quality, and low cost.

Today’s world is developing at a high speed. Therefore, it is better to take a big step to serve the future and improve the society’s culture. This work is possible only by integrating past customs with modern technology. In this way, we will leave behind a rich and good legacy and be admired by future generations. In this regard, Yazd advertising bag supports you and your business and offers you high quality and low prices together. You are familiar with the direct relationship between price and quality. However, Yazd Advertising Company has created a balance between these two factors. By doing this, your customers will grow daily, and you will meet the needs of a wider range.

What are the benefits of Shopping Bags?

Using these products will have many positive effects on your business. One of its most important advantages is the permanent and prominent display of the logo and symbol of your company or product supplier. This has a significant impact on advertising and marketing. As you know, factories, companies, businesses, and small shops design and use their logos in today’s world. By displaying these logos, promotional sacks help small business owners be seen more, get more customers, and eventually become a brand.

The presence of promotional bags will reduce your worries and stress because it improves your business’s advertising level and increases its scope as long as your advertisement and logo are known wherever the customer walks with this bag. That means, without your presence, your business will be advertised and introduced on mobile. Now that you are busy with your daily activities, you don’t have to worry about expanding your business.

Price Tag

The cost of producing and selling this product is very low, as is the cost of purchasing the materials used, such as fabric, paper, canvas, etc., and the cost of printing the production company’s logo. In general, this bag is considered a cheap product.

To order this product, you can visit its production centers in person and order it in the requested quantity.

You can also choose the type of promotional bag you want in person. Send the number and type of logo you want to the operator and register your order.

Graphic designers design the logo of a particular company. After the design, it must be approved by the company’s expert. A logo is a design and shape that represents a specific brand. The identity of an organization or any business is seen in the form of a logo.


We tried to mention all the contents related to the promotional bag. We hope that reading this article was useful and practical.

This product is one of the cheapest and most popular advertising items because, for a small fee, you can get a large number of advertising bags, which practically act as a mobile advertising billboard.

The advertising bag attracts the audience’s attention. It has a direct relationship with the customer and registers the design and brand name of the manufacturing company in the customer’s mind for a long time.

شماره تماس‌های یزد لایی