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One of the concerns of manufacturers and stores has been the appearance of their gender inside cloth handbags, considering all the advantages they have over their competitors, which have been mentioned in this section. They are very attractive and suitable for buyers. One of the most important concerns of buyers is the visibility of their goods inside these handbags. Yazd Laie company has added a new product to its collection to solve this concern of customers, which can produce taluk-dar Spunbond fabric. With this in mind, handbags with talc and transparent cellophane were made in the Yazd Laie collection in 1402.

شماره تماس‌های یزد لایی

Advantages of Talc Handbags

One of the most important advantages of talc handbags is their very reasonable price, considering that transparent cellophane has a shorter life and a higher price. Many trades have to use this cellophane to make the product visible, but because cellophane alone does not have enough strength, they sometimes have to complete their packaging with a box.
For example, the clothing industry and manufacturers use shirt boxes and cellophane for their packaging, bearing in mind that the taluk handbags can fully reveal the material inside and be used as a final package for the customer. This has a significant advantage, and it practically targets two marks with one shot; on the other hand, the price of this high-quality handbag is a tenth of the cellophane and box costs for the customer, which is very significant.

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