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The office folder of Yazdelai company is produced from 90 90-gram spunband with the best quality and a fully automatic ultrasonic machine. This folder can be removed from the disposable category because the quality of this office folder is so high that it hardly gets damaged; considering that plastic materials are not used in this folder, it can be washed and continued to be used. It’s too long.

پوشه اداری

Yazdlai office folder size:

Usually, the standard folder size is for at least one A4 sheet with a width of 25 and a height of 33 cm. But this size can be variable, and according to the circulation of the order, it can be produced in different sizes and colors.

Applications of buttoned fabric folder

The folder is the same in English. Different folders can be used to place papers, keep textbooks and exam papers, deliver assignments and course projects, deliver documents, and many other uses. You can also use cloth folders in official companies Because the life of these folders is many times more attractive than other folder models. For more information and purchase, you can contact the following numbers. By buying in bulk from Yazdelai Company, you will also get a good discount.